Hambantota Mirijjawila botanical garden

This is the first Sri Lankan botanical garden developed by local experts for the conservation of dwindling species of trees and shrubs, medicinal herbs and popularizing plants of the dry zone by providing an attractive destination for foreign and local tourists.

It has an extent of 300 acres. The objective of establishing this botanical garden is for the conservation of dwindling trees and shrubs in the dry zone, popularizing of unpopular trees, conservation of medicinal herbs, promotion of tourism and providing botanical knowledge to the younger generation.

The Garden will comprise ornamental flower cultivation, commercial flower cultivation and facilities to undertake studies on trees. Already planting of various trees and floral varieties has been commenced. Construction of infrastructure facilities is also nearing completion

It will also provide opportunities for eco-tourism and economic development in this area and to model dry zone landscape improvement. In the longer term, within the first 3-5 years, the garden will feature those plants that are lesser known and under utilized in the dry zone promote the herbal industry; and provide education and training on botany and floriculture in the dry zone

This garden being established in a dry landscape would provide much relief and peace of mind to the visitors

This Botanical Garden is located on the Colombo-Kataragama main road. It has the Mattala International Airport on its left side and the Hambantota Harbour on its right side, and therefore it becomes a centre point for the tourists.

Dry Zone Botanical Garden
Call : +94 47 7 429975

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