The Ambalantota is famous for its ancient ruins of the Kingdom of Ruhuna. After his many conquests abroad King Gajaba returned to the country from the port of Godavaya that is within sight of Ambalantota.

Ambalantota played an important role in past Sri Lanka as the major city of the Kingdom of Ruhuna. It was called 'Manaulu Pura'. The great king Vijayaba, the great warrior Therapuththabhaya, Divisional king Mahanagha made Ambalantota flourish and Ridiyagama was the commercial hub in those days.


  • Jungle river Safari -Walawa Nadee Eco Tours Organisation, provides boat rides for those of you interested in spotting some wildlife in an area known for its rich bio diversity. The Walawa River Boat Rides popular among locals and tourists will take you through a rich biodiversity area complete with six varieties of mangroves, 52 fish species, 72 bird species, 38 plant varieties and 28 animal species.
  • Ussangoda Beach - Nonagama  - is a yet another place of Sri Lankan tourism comprised with valuable geographical features. Ussangama is located on the Colombo-Kataragama road near Ambalantota-Nonagama junction in Hambanthota district. It is under control by the department of archeology. Ussangoda differ from other destinations of Sri Lanka because of the excusive soil structure and flora.
  • Kochchama Beach - Nonagama
  • Kalamatiya Bird Century - Hungama
  • Madunagala Temple - Koggalla
  • Godawaya anicent port - Ambalantota
  • Walawe River Mouth - Ambalantota
  • Mangrove forest - Ambalantota
  • Karadhulena Temple - Koggalla
  • Ridiyagama Lake
  • Liyangastota Amuna - Barawakubuka